Cocktails: Fifty Must Try Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Written by Jack Frisks

Does it get much better than a delicious cool cocktail on a warm summer night? Well, it does when that delicious cool cocktail costs you $14 per drink and requires that you put up with drunken barflies. That’s precisely why we have pulled together fifty of the best must try recipes for cocktails from all over the world!

“Fifty Must Try Cocktails You Can Make At Home” offers up cocktails made from all of your favorite liquors and liqueurs including vodka, rum, tequila and gin. Every cocktail recipe contained in this book caters to party goers of every niche, from the ones who can’t stand the taste of liquor, to those who just can’t get enough of it!

The cocktail recipes found within this book aren’t your usual traditional cocktails, they are some of the most modern mixed drinks with flavor combinations that are sure to appeal.

Looking for something new to add to your next party? Grab this book and give these mixed drink recipes a try!


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