Clean Eating – The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Clean Eating: Includes 65 Recipes to Help Avoid Feeling Deprived!

Written by Ali Anders

Clean Eating – The Ultimate Guide – This book references clean eating. Clean eating is eating fresh food, in it’s simplest form. It means eating from the outer sections of the grocery store. It means, nothing that comes from processing. In recent years, a lot of fad diets have become the new wave. Often times, they come with their own perils. For example, the cottage cheese and banana diet or the egg diet I recently knew a friend was on. Cottage cheese, banana’s and eggs all have nutrients that the body need. But one cannot survive healthily on those things alone. You want your body to have complete equilibrium when it comes to eating an array of foods, thus providing a complete nutritional make-up that our bodies require. This is not just about weight loss. It’s about a total body make over! In this book, you will not only get 65 recipes that are fresh and clean but will also make you feel NOT-deprived! Deprivation equates to binging. You will also read chapters on the basics, rules, benefits, importantly – negatives of processed food, shopping tips (which some people really need!) and a meal plan to help you see how to do this! Clean eating is what helped me shed 30 pounds, when NOTHING else worked!!! My skin never looked better and I actually looked younger, as a woman in her mid-40’s. I apply the 80/20 rule; 80% clean and 20% not clean (but not horrible!) I hope this book helps you, the way it has helped me.


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