Claiming the Prince: Book One

Written by Cora Avery
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Epic Fantasy… Meet Romance.

A new take on old fantasy. Pixie. Elves… with never ending action and romance. A whole new world to immerse yourself in.”-Goodreads review

“Lust, rivalry, friendship, sorrow and an unexpected deep love and passion… well written and expertly crafted.” -Amazon Review

“Engaging and fast paced…  add Avery to my list of favourite authors.” -Goodreads Review

Magda needs a Prince to survive, but can she survive the Princes?
After seven years exiled in the human world, Magda is thrust back into the Pixie Lands, caught up in a deadly competition. At stake, the right to rule her family’s province and a shot at the Crown. But to have any hope of succeeding, she’ll need a Prince at her side.

Rare as Princes are, she finds three. One is worthless. One makes her promise not to claim him. And the other inspires the worst of conflicting feelings: lust and loathing.

In a land of deadly magic, dueling prophecies, and cold-blooded politics, Magda will have to do whatever it takes to survive and help her friends, even if it means bargaining with a witch who once threatened the gods.


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