Claiming My Freedom: The Complete Series 1-3

Written by Melissa Devenport

When life serves you lemons, sometimes they aren’t as sour as they first appear.

It felt like someone had emptied an ice-bucket over her head when Melissa suddenly realized that her marriage had been dead for years. The divorce was unavoidable.

Fortunately she is still young and her curiosity for the unexplored has soon replaced both disappointment and anger. An experienced older man turns out to have the right tool to make her ex-husband appear rather small and insignificant.

When you follow your instincts, anything can happen and often does. The journey has begun.

Get ready for an emotional and action packed hot adventure that literally takes us from one side of earth to the other.

*This boxset contains the complete ‘Claiming My Freedom’ series. It oozes of confidence and hot steam. Not recommended for people under 18. HEA Guaranteed.


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