Claiming-A Medieval Romance (The Gresham Chronicles Book 1)

Written by Saskia Knight
Category: · Romance

After her father’s death, Lady Rowena Gresham wants nothing more than to be left alone to run her estates and live a life free from the destructive passion that had ruined her mother’s life. But the year is 1207 and her father bequeaths the estates to a distant relative.

Sir Saher de Bohun fought alongside her father for the King and has been rewarded with the wealthy Gresham estates, and the feisty Lady Rowena. But he will not take her by force and is determined to woo her into his bed.

But will Saher’s courtship be enough to allay her fears, enough to stop her from putting into action a plan, the discovery of which would incur both his displeasure and the King’s wrath?

Passion, hot enough to melt the heart of the iciest maiden, contained within.

Claiming is a 23,000-word novella.

–The Gresham Chronicles–
Book 1–Claiming
Book 2–Seducing
Book 3–Awakening


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