Church Secrets – Blog Post #1: I am not Jezebel, I’m a prophetic blogger

Written by Selah John

A writer rips back the curtain of a 30,000-member mega church, and in the process of her journalistic endeavors, finds herself deeply plunged into an emotional affair with a pastor.

This ain’t 7th Heaven.

Like Empire, there’s a saucy yet spiritually-deep subject matter.

Church Secrets is a riveting drama that finally unveils the mysterious happenings behind the walls of a modern-day, largely African-American mega-church. Tackled from a non-boring Christian perspective, Church Secrets doesn’t whitewash the wrongdoings and sinning that goes on behind church walls. Greed, lust and blood-of-the-Lamb salvation is exposed in a must-read manner.

Church Secrets begins as 46-year-old writer Selah John stands on stage next to Pastor Jacobs, a funny yet arrogant megalomaniac of a mega-church leader who berates his large congregation for not having at least $25 each to give in the “love offering” to him.

Selah harkens back to her 30-year-old self, who first found herself captured by the Holy Spirit when she was assigned a freelance writing gig to create a profile of the up-and-coming pastor for Vanity Fair, and ended up becoming a church member.

Having watched the church and pastor grow to mega-star status, Selah becomes troubled when a dogmatic religious spirit overtakes the place. Women are blamed for dressing too sexily and “tempting” the good, hardworking “brothers” of the church. Tithes and offerings are squirreled away to fund Pastor Jacobs’ $1.5 million home and luxurious lifestyle.

Selah acquiesces to pressures to publish a positive viewpoint of the church, and allows the church leadership to kill honest stories and profiles of their house of worship. Before long, Selah overcomes the BS excuses that her writing could threaten the “integrity” of the church – and begins to publish what she wants.

Set in the idyllic city of Greenville, Ohio, Church Secrets displays conflict as Selah decides to follow the mega-church’s longtime media team leader, Michael Styles, as he endures an acrimonious church split from his friend turned nemesis, Pastor Jacobs. Selah’s best friend “Prophetess” Vanessa follows the duo as well, but becomes jealous when the married Michael becomes rapt with the also married Selah and they begin an emotional affair.

Livelihoods, marriages, families, souls and reputations are at stake as Selah follows the man who becomes Pastor Styles to his new and booming church in a controversial church split.

Church Secrets takes viewers inside secret places usually unseen by regular churchgoers and those who haven’t stepped foot inside a church in years – if ever. From the rectory to the director’s control room to the inside walls of prisons for ministry, Church Secrets is rife with visual delights and a storyline to match.

People love Church Secrets in droves because reveals what folks already know to be true: Some churches are indeed shady, and the people within them are humans with typical failings, but the power of God isn’t dulled – only enhanced – by the human foibles and confessions of guilt.

JOHN 14:6


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