Christmas is Coming!: Rhyming Bedtime Story Christmas Book for Kids

Written by Arnie Lightning
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Christmas is Coming! • Rhyming Bedtime Story for Kids

Makes an awesome gift for kids, beginning and early readers, and reading aloud with friends and family!

Christmas is the most magical time of year, especially for a kid! There’s so many fun activities to do: choosing a Christmas tree, decorating, snow sledding, caroling, Christmas parties, baking cookies, wrapping presents, and spending time with loved ones. Join in on all the Christmas fun and share the magic of a fun Christmas story with your child!

This is a read-aloud kid’s book and is easy and entertaining to read. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children. This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. This book is suitable for parents to read to their children and grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren during the holidays!

~ An instant holiday classic that children will come back to over and over again!

  • Fully illustrated picture book with big and bright illustrations
  • Excellent for reading aloud or as a bedtime story
  • Great for toddlers, preschool, and elementary

From the book…

The day after Thanksgiving, the magic all starts.
A special feeling fills all of our hearts.
My family goes out to bring home a tree.
We’ll pick one that’s perfect—just you wait and see!


At home, Mom and Dad put the tree in its stand.
My siblings and I hurry to give them a hand!
Then we string on the lights and hang the ornaments too.
The star goes on last—what a beautiful view!


We end our time shopping with a visit to Santa.
My list is so long, it could reach to Atlanta!
Santa stops me from talking about halfway through.
“Let’s have a quick photo!” he says to his crew.


I finish my list and I look up to see,
Santa Claus just smiling at me.
“You’ve been good this year, I know this to be true!”
“Hand me your list and I’ll see what I can do.”

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