Children’s Books: HOW THE GOLD GOT IN THE GOLDEN RULE (Very Funny Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book About ‘Thank You’ and Doing Unto Others, for Beginner … with 30 happy Illustrations Ages 2-8)

Written by Sally Huss
Category: · Children’s Books

In the town of Tandumtoo, someone forgot to say ‘Thank you.’ Eh gad! It seems to be an unwritten law in Tandumtoo to respond to any kindness by saying ‘Thank you.’ That means when someone does something nice for you, or says something nice to you, or offers to help you, and especially when someone gives you something. And that was the case here when one of the residents, Willy Saladheimer, gave a newcomer to town one of his tandumberries and the man did not say ‘Thank you.’ Oh the ruckus this started!

Naturally, as in all good children’s stories the situation was put right. The newcomer simply had a different point of view on the subject of gift giving and a different take on The Golden Rule. 30 delightful illustrations included.

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