Children’s Book of Experiments: 30 Incredible Experiments for Young Scientists (Educational series for kids 4-9 years 1)

Written by Jaroslaw Wasilewski
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A bestselling book for children in Europe now available internationally!

Do you want to stimulate your child’s curiosity and passion for learning? Do you want them to gain practical knowledge while having great fun?

Children’s Book of Experiments contains 30 cards with amazing experiments for kids aged 4-9. Each card presents a funny illustration of the experiment, simple instructions how to conduct an experiment, a scientific explanation that will satisfy the curiosity of even the most demanding explorer. In the book your child will find such experiments as ‘’Deceptive eye’’, ‘’Starch monster’’ and ‘’Instant ice cream’’.

Children’s Book of Experiments gives you:

  • Time together: play and learn with your child, it’s a perfect opportunity to spend time with your family
  • Inspiration for learning: stimulate your child’s curiosity and passion for learning; help them explore and understand the fascinating world
  • Start right away: take some everyday objects and start experimenting today
  • Intellectual development: help your child gain practical knowledge of physics, chemistry and natural sciences, and at the same time develop their openness, creativity and independent thinking

Rediscover the world around you and set off on a scientific journey!

Children’s Book of Experiments is a part of a unique educational series for kids aged 4-9. In the series you will also find ”Children’s Book of Recipes” with 30 ideas for fun dishes for kids and ”Children’s Book of Magic” with 30 magic tricks for kids.


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