Children’s Book: Lee and his Big Hair: bedtime stories for kids (short stories children)

Written by Leela Hope
Category: · Children’s Books

this children’s book is relatable for kids of any ages.

Lee is a boy with a problem ‒ there is mud all over his hair!

Do your children fuss about brushing their hair?

Do they dislike other hygiene-related activities?

“Lee and his Big Hair” is the story of a young boy who would rather dive in a lake

then actually try to get himself clean.

He does not like to take the time to take care of his wild hair.

When the wild hair becomes encased in mud, Lee is forced to deal with his problem head-on literally.

The story provides a good way for parents and children to talk about the importance of good

hygiene and can also be used as a good tool by public health professionals.

It is a great story for bedtime and can be read to the whole family.

A terrific choice for early readers!



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