Children’s Book : Earth of the Dragons (3): The Snowstorm of the Ice Dragon, (Dragonlance, Dragon series, Dragon books for kids ages 9 12, Friendship, Adventure, Fantasy)

Written by Amma Lee
Category: · Children’s Books


Isamu and Seiko have been close friends since they were infants. Now that they are grown, Isamu has become an adventurer. He goes out exploring and travels the world. Seiko has been taking care of her sick mother ever since her father died. Her mother is getting more ill by the day and Seiko decides to travel to the Silver Cave on the mountaintop. There she hopes to find some special plants to create a healing potion for her mother.

But there is danger on the mountaintop. The Ice Dragon sometimes lives there during the late fall and winter. When Seiko writes to Isamu to tell him of her troubles, he decides to travel to her new city. His late arrival will mean that Seiko begins the journey up to the Silver Cave alone. Will Isamu get there in time to save Seiko from an avalanche of snow? Will the evil Sultan keep the Ice Dragon’s eggs? Is the Ice Dragon good or evil? You’ll need to read “The Snowstorm of the Ice Dragon” to find out.


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