CHEROKEE BLUE: The Life of Blue Hothouse

Written by Sherry Laymon
Category: · History

CHEROKEE BLUE is the biography of Blue Hothouse, one of the diminishing number of full-blood Cherokee Indians whose ancestors walked the Trail of Tears from Cherokee, North Carolina to Oklahoma during the winter of 1838-39. Blue Hothouse grew up in a Cherokee family richly influenced by Cherokee traditions. His early life experiences differed little from the lifestyles his ancestors lived many centuries before him. After white man’s law became the rule, the Cherokee culture diminished. During Blue’s childhood and youth, he witnessed and experienced many painful incidents, including discrimination and racism, as a result of European and Native American cultural conflict. This book is part of a greater effort being made to recapture and preserve the Cherokee culture to prevent it from fading away. In Cherokee Blue, Blue Hothouse shares his life experiences to preserve the rich Cherokee heritage for the younger generation of Cherokees.


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