Cheap Is Good: How to Cut Costs, Boost Profits and Transform Your Culture with Lean Management

Written by Bob Cooper Jr
Category: · Business & Money

Every year, good businesses fail because their systems are broken. Many more are in chaos — they don’t fail, but they don’t make any real profit either. Their teams are stretched to breaking point, their operations go wrong at every turn, and their customers are dissatisfied and angry… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this book, you’ll discover Lean management, a transformative system characterized by continuous improvement and respect for people. Cheap Is Good shares the system, processes and tools from Lean management that transformed this small business in chaos into a systematic, thriving and profitable operation.

Whether your business in crisis right now, or is slowly losing ground to more efficient competitors, Lean management is designed to cut all the waste out of your business. Learn how to win back the wasted time, wasted materials, wasted energy and wasted money, so that you can increase your profit, help your team thrive, and give your customers an amazing experience every time they call you.

“This book will inspire you to follow the path Bob Cooper Jr. took to successfully unlock the power of Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement in the pursuit of creating a world class small business!” — David Quesada, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

About Bob Cooper, Jr. —
Bob Cooper Jr. is the owner and founder of El Cheapo Lifts, based in Pico Rivera, California. He has been in the construction and rental industry for over 25 years and oversaw a highly successful Lean transformation after the global financial crisis hit the industry hard. He wrote Cheap Is Good to empower other small business owners to put Lean to use in their operations.


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