Charts Don’t Lie: 4 Untold Trading Indicators: How to Make Money in the Market with Technical Analysis for Stocks, Options, Futures, and Forex (The Master of Price Action Trading Book 1)

Written by Steve Ryan
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3 Hours Can Make You 3% Profits or More.Learn how to make money with price action and volume.


MACD, ADX, Stochastics, Fibonacci, RSI, Parabolic SAR, StochRSI, Aroon, Ease of Movement (EMV)….are you confused already?

What happened if these trading indicators contradict one another?

Have you ever slammed your trading desk because of frustration and confusion over which trading indicators to use?

Trading indicators are mercurial. Sometimes it is as if they work wonder to predict the direction of the price. The other times…the price seem to totally ignore them.

Speculation (trading and investing) is undoubtedly one of the hardest professions in the world. They require unparalleled focus, discipline, confidence, and conviction, while being able to be flexible at all times, no exception.

Trading indicators should be helpful in achieving that.

However, without the right indicators and knowledge to use them, no way an investor can make money.

THE GOOD NEWS: The popular trading indicators mentioned above and in most trading books are NOT the only ones out there.

There are more….and YOU are about to find out. These 4 rarely-used trading indicators will bring you extra clarity — and more profits too.

What you and I will explore together:
1) There one caveat of using trading indicators, no matter how accurate they are.
2) The one common denominator all trading indicators have that can make you extra profits.
3) The four easy ways to set up trading indicators to prepare you to make profits in the stock market, or any market not excluding options, futures, and Forex.
4) The one key to use all four indicators for day trading, swing trading, or even long term investing
5) …And more.

Trading indicators supposed to be helpful in:
1) Intelligent Selectivity: How to pick the best opportunities.
2) Trade Optimization: How you can minimize risks and maximize potential profits.

I guarantee you these 4 technical analysis tools are not the ones you will hear from your investment advisers, fund manager, retirement planner, or your finance professor in college when they lecture you on how to invest in stocks or any other securities

Everyone — who is willing to put the time and efforts — to learn the correct techniques will be able to be a consistently profitable trader / investor in the market.

And the success you will have after learning these new trading indicators is irrelevant to what kind of market the investor is trading. Any financial market — from stocks, bonds, futures, options, commodities, and even Forex trading. — will do.

No technical analysis-based trading system works without a solid understanding and application of the right trading indicators.

Don’t leave your investment to chance because frankly, you would just gamble your money away. Might as well go to Vegas.

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