Change Your Life for Good with the PAME Code of Purpose, Action, Momentum, and Energy: Inspired by Groundbreaking Research and Captivating Life Stories from Applied Psychology (You Can Do It Book 1)

Written by Dr E V Estacio
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*** NEED CHANGE IN 2018? ***

Change your life for good – that’s a big one!

  • Do you feel as if you are stuck in a rut and not living your true purpose in life?
  • Are you itchy to get unstuck but don’t know how and where to start?
  • Or are you just afraid that you will fail miserably and embarrass yourself in the process

Change is not always easy.

Yet, with the right tools and support, taking a step to change your life for good is easier than you think.

You can do it!
Change Your Life for Good with the PAME Code of Purpose, Action, Momentum, and Energy.

Chartered Psychologist, Dr E V Estacio shares groundbreaking research and real life stories from applied psychology, so you too can apply these practical and easy-to-follow techniques to change your life for good.

Change Your Life for Good with the PAME Code of Purpose, Action, Momentum, and Energy is the first of the You Can Do It! Series that will inspire you to live your passion, take action, and change your life for good.

It also comes with a FREE BONUS – 60 motivational quotes that will help you to keep the momentum and stay true to your purpose in life.

You will learn about:


  • Effective ways to better understand yourself and what you want in life
  • How to use positive affirmations to manifest the life you want to live
  • Mindfulness and visualization exercises to clarify your purpose and embody your passion in life


  • How to take the bold leap from dreaming to living
  • Scientific techniques from applied psychology that will help you take real steps toward real action
  • Surprising reasons why we are so resistant to change, including facts about how our brain works and how to recondition your brain to embrace change


  • The undeniable truth about why difficult life events may not always make you stronger
  • The psychology behind why you need to celebrate successes in your life and keep a “catalog of wins”
  • How to adopt optimism and how it will make you unstoppable
  • How to turn your limitations and life’s obstacles into opportunities for growth
  • Fascinating lessons and inspiration from other people’s life stories


  • Effective strategies to help you stay motivated for the long term
  • PLUS practical and easy to use tips on how to develop healthier habits, declutter your mind, enrich your faith and spirituality, reconnect with nature, and so much more.

This book is full of captivating life stories, positive affirmations, and evidence-based strategies that will help you to transform your life for good.

It draws upon scientific research from health psychology, positive psychology, organizational psychology, coaching psychology, client-centered and humanist counselling, brain and cognitive psychology, and critical psychology.

PLUS real-world examples and FREE BONUS material filled with motivational quotes to help keep you inspired.

Are you ready for change and live your true purpose in life?

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