Change Your Business Career with God: 40 Days to Step into the Path of Life

Written by Michael Thomas
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Are you tired of drifting? Have you lost the belief in your work? Do you feel uncertain about your future?

God is Waiting to Discuss Your Career!

God said “Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life” (Isaiah 55:3a NLT). God works with anyone who comes to Him with their ears wide open and builds their career on what He says. When you change career with God, you:

  • Work on God-given assignments
  • Create world-changing products and services
  • Walk in faith instead of fear
  • Make an impact instead of simply making a profit
  • Work in the unique way God designed

Based on the parable of the sower, this book shows you how God’s Word can grow from tiny seeds into highly productive careers. To bear fruit, you need to hear, understand, and then cling to His message. This book is a forty-day plan to help you convert God’s Word into products and services.

Every Christian has a Higher Call, a Higher Cause for Living.

For the first fourteen days, you will engage the most powerful person by asking Him specific questions about your career. God knows what He made you to do. His provision, protection, and promotion follow those who seek His Kingdom first. His thoughts are revealed as you listen to Him speak.

God’s Word is the Ultimate Power to Lift Careers out of Aimlessness!

The next nine days help root out weeds from your life. Fear, anxiety, money, temptation, and pleasure can keep you rushing in circles. With the weeds removed, your career can level-up. You are designed to do far more than you could ever imagine.

Fear of Changing Career is the Result of Conflicting Priorities.

In the final seventeen days, a picture of your future career emerges as you ask God for understanding. Then you seek products and services that bring His Word to life. Finally, you knock on doors in a business of your own or in someone else’s.

Success is Walking with God into His Promises.

What is the alternative to working on God-given assignments? Secular careers are built on shaky foundations. Gaining more possessions, status or power does not lead to a significant career in God’s Kingdom. As a result, Christians who follow the secular career approach tend to feel like something is permanently wrong. They may even jump from one meaningless endeavor to the next. When you change the world with God, you discover meaning and significance in your work.The way to break out of the secular system starts by asking God for an assignment.

Christians Changing Career are on an Adventure with God!

What if you don’t enjoy the work God gives you? In a business calling God uses products and services to change the world. These products and services deliver His life to help people. For example, He may call you to start a restaurant that changes the world with His joy, a website that changes the world with His love, or a secular job that changes the world with His peace. There is nothing more rewarding than working in God’s perfect plan.

God is Calling Christians to Change the World with Products and Services!

Whether you are finishing school, in a midlife crisis, or simply need a career change, this book will help you find a career you believe in. It will open your eyes to work in God’s Kingdom. You will be captivated by an extraordinary career working for the Creator.

Build Your Next Career on God’s Word!


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