Chancey Family Lies (Chancey Books Book 2)

Written by Kay Dew Shostak

Inviting your ex-spouse for the holidays might not be a good idea. Especially when folks don’t know you were married before.
Carolina quit her job and for the first time ever, she’s doing the holidays as a stay-at-home mom. And doesn’t all that extra time mean everything will be perfect?
Then the RV showed up. The RV with her parents, their dogs, and their obsession with Gone with the Wind.
Then the college kids showed up. Their whirlwind left an empty refrigerator, loads of laundry, and a girl. A girl no one seems to know much about.
Then the other grandparents showed up. Hillbilly Hank on his book tour of Southern retirement homes brings his entourage, along with a special kind of marital discord.
While the town of Chancey watches the happenings up on the hill at the B&B, they are also trying to figure out the town’s bank account. Laney is the town’s treasurer, but she’s not answering questions. Missus has ordered 500 fake cardinals for her Christmas Ball. Peter is settling back into his home town and watching the B&B for his own personal reasons.
All the secrets aren’t in boxes tied with ribbons and bows.
Family Ties come undone with Family Lies


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