Chaacetime: The Origins – Book 3 (The Space Cycle – A Metaphysical & Hard Science Fiction Trilogy)

Written by Irene Zlato
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Last part of Chaacetime: The Origins – a Hard Science Fiction Trilogy

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When historian Paul stumbles upon Cycle 1011 1100 1101 … 11, 12, 13 …, he knows things are bad. But they are about to get far worse. Because the ‘Problem,’ the child-suicide case that is shaking the City, has lost its lead investigator: Special Agent Baley. Because more children are dying. Because strange, digital convulsions are sucking life out of Spaces, creating chaos for all, including humans, hybrids, Gateways, Servants, Kandrons…

To solve the case and save the City’s present and future, Paul must start from the past, a far distant past: the year 2171. He reads ancient manuscripts, ‘talks’ to humans and digital entities, glances into the Elders’ dream — but also sees anarchy looming. Soon, he discovers that Special Agent Baley had dropped the case, left her husband and daughter, moved out of the City… and forsaken her once-beloved Machine H.

Baley’s mind is all set: Go. Far. Regret. Nothing. Why? Did she find out that her daughter Iris now has a double-brain after the man-machine Mossa had implanted advanced electronics in her head? Or that Machine H. is acting strangely? Or that another insidious entity is at work?
As City residents battle for survival and Paul races to find answers, he realizes that far more is at stake than just his life. Because his thoughts, his actions, his words, his newly found awareness…can either solve the ‘Problem’ and improve life in all Spaces or bring about total destruction.

Time is running out. Server Index, ‘Its Immensity,’ has just launched its Project, after destroying all the Machines that had created It. Now, the Equilibrium would be permanent, and the rest of the Project would progress well. After Equilibrium, Stability, then Synchronization, and finally … Extension.
Extension, or Extinction?

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