Celts: The Celts – In The – Iron Age. Celtic Origins, History & Mythology – The Druids & Medieval Europe (Enya, Romans, Celtic Gods, History, Xinjiang, Vikings, Saxons Book 1)

Written by Michael Hector
Category: · History

The Celtic influence started during the Iron Age and continued to survive through the time of the Roman Empire, although it took a considerable dent by this powerful army.  It is believed that the Celts were eventually destroyed by Christianity; not that the Christians killed every Celt, but they are believed to have destroyed the druids who were the religious and intellectual leaders of the Celtic people.  The druids themselves hold a special place in history; they left absolutely no written record of their existence and seem to have appeared from nowhere. The Celtic traditions and customs have enjoyed resurgences during the medieval period and the 18th and 19th century.  In fact, even today there is becoming an increased interest in this ancient way of living.

Part of the fascination relates to the powers which the druids were supposed to have possessed, they were believed to be great sorcerers and some even consider they were not originally from this planet.  The fact that they have no record of their time of earth has led to an abundance of theories regarding who they really were.  One of these theories even extends the belief that the druids remain in existence today as part of a secret society which controls the world and is looking to create a New World Order.  However, this is difficult to prove!

This book aims to take a look at the Celts and their druid influence by providing the following:

  • An introduction to who they were and their role in society; particularly where the Celts originated from.

  • Their presence in the Iron Age and the tools they used to survive.

  • Druids, their unique positions as leaders of the Celts. A druid is thought to have had more power than a king of the same period.

  • The modern connection; theories regarding how the druids still exist today and what connections they have to modern life.

Finally, a short summary will, undoubtedly, leave you wanting to know more about these mysterious people and this period of history. Although it is not easy to find out more as there is very little trace of their existence!


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