Cash Cuisines: 46 Money Making Recipes (Money Making Ideas Secrets & Strategies)

Written by Emma Caffrey
Category: · Business & Money

This book itself is a hack it was made with a budget of less than 200 bucks and yet still it would be making us at-least couple of thousand dollars over the course of time.

Now how cool is that!

We will be discussing such hacks/jobs that would make you atleast an extra thousand bucks every month without putting much effort.

Life is a Game and Money is how we keep the score.

Recipe of this book: We enlisted the most innovative ways through which you can make money and hired a best possible ghost writer we could find from an english speaking developing country.

Why a developing country? It saved us at-least a thousand dollars.

Developing countries have a less per capita income when compared to developed countries and hence meaning less pay for everything! this is the only reason why Apple makes it’s IPhones in china.

Remember the goal isn’t just making more money it’s living life on your terms! and now you have 46 ways through which you can achieve it!

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