Captain Tomahawk and the Sky-Lion

Written by Marty Dalton
Category: · Children’s Books

“A story that is kryptonite to despair, told so whimsically well that one actually dares to believe it.” ~ Phil Long, Author and Founder of Sacrificial Poet Project

“Captain Tomahawk does not disappoint. This was the most fun I’ve had reading in years. I found myself wanting the story to go on and on…” ~ Neil Downey, Senior Editor, CruPress & Author of The Late Awakening

Be prepared for a story that is as action-packed as it is heartfelt. A truly one-of-a-kind magic for all ages. A story with so much soul, it’s for the grieving and the joyful all at once.

Though many have tried, none can find the edge of the sand. Because in Highsand Desert, no one gets out and no one gets in, that is…until now.

Captain Anna Tomahawk, the spirited and famed adventurer, is shot down and trapped in a country of steampunk animals. A dangerous human-animal rebellion is in the air. But if the edge is real, if the sea is out there, then the rebellion for water is meaningless.

The proof of the wonderful life beyond the desert’s edge is the Captain herself, but with everyone’s deeply held suspicions, how can they ever trust an outsider who claims to have a way out?

Now, from the middle of a desert where hope has dried up, the exuberant and self-proclaimed “greatest pilot there ever was” must find a way to fix her airship, save her new friends, and prove that even a little hope can overcome the longest of odds.


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