Canning And Preserving: Beginner’s Guide to Canning and Preserving Meats, Vegetables, Fruits And Jams at Home for Long-Term Storage, to Save You Time and Prepare Your Pantry for Survival

Written by Megan Meyer

Includes 25+ Delicious Canning Recipes To Get You Started Today!

Canning And Preserving: Beginner’s Guide to Canning and Preserving Meats, Vegetables, Fruits And Jams at Home for Long-Term Storage, to Save You Time and Prepare Your Pantry for Survival

Do You Find Yourself Throwing Out Rotten Fruits And Vegetables, Or Spoiled Meats Before You Have A Chance To Eat Them?

Are You Looking For A Way To Enjoy The Foods You Love, Even When They’re Not In Season?

Maybe You’re Looking To Prepare For The Worst By Building Your Own Prepper’s Survival Pantry?

It happens all the time: You reach for a tomato only to find it’s soft and rotten, or you go to the refrigerator and realize the strawberries you were about to eat are covered with mold. Not only is this a waste of food, it’s a waste of money.

Canning your own food at home offers a great solution to these problems. From fruits and vegetables to meats and herbs, you’ll be surprised just how many different foods are great for canning!

You might even know the advantages of canning, but assume it’s a difficult and long process, or just don’t think it’s worth the effort. Well…

Get Ready to View Canning in a Whole New Light!

Perhaps you’ve started a garden and didn’t anticipate just how many vegetables and herbs you’d be able to produce.

Or maybe there was a great price on meat at the store and you couldn’t resist stocking up. These are great ways to save money – or so you thought.

What if by attempting to get the most out of your food, you were actually being wasteful?

The unfortunate reality is that many people simply cannot eat all of that food before it goes bad. But that doesn’t mean it has to go to waste!

This book will uncover just how easy it is to can and preserve right in your own home. You’ll find yourself saving money, enjoying nutritional foods year round, and literally reaping the fruits of your labor!

Whether you’re a beginner who feels daunted by the canning process, or someone with experience looking to pick up a few tips, this book is great for all.

Some of the things you’ll learn inside include….

-The numerous advantages of canning

-A brief list of supplies you’ll need to get started

-Important safety information

-Various canning and preserving methods

-25+ Recipes for a wide range of foods

-Tips for proper sterilization and sealing

And much, much more.

The information inside this book is vital, so vital in fact, that your canned food may make the crucial difference in extreme weather or emergency situations.

From a mild blizzard to a full-blown natural disaster, preserved food won’t require you to drive in harsh conditions, as it’s already prepared and ready to eat should your home lose power, and is ready to transport if you need to evacuate.

This guide will take you step-by-step through building your own prepper’s survival pantry.

In addition to this peace of mind, you won’t believe the feeling of satisfaction of being able to say you canned your own food. The efforts are great for your wallet, your health, and the earth.

Although canning your own food requires a small initial investment for supplies, the process will actually save you money in the long run.

And with the benefits to your family’s health and wellbeing, the advantages of canning are irreplaceable.

With instructions and recipes for preserving jams and jellies, salsa, fruits and berries, vegetables, tomatoes, meats, herbs, and beverages, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone!

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