Cannibal Cheerleader

Written by Tiffany Drake
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Chase is only sixteen, but she can kill a camp counselor with a bow and arrow from a hundred yards. She knows nineteen different ways to prepare hitchhiker. And she can shake a mean pom pom.

Chase is a cannibal, and when she’s violently uprooted her from her primitive, isolated mountain life and dropped into modern society, three ordinary high school cheerleaders discover her incredible knack for their sport. Fortunately for the girls, Chase wants to sink her teeth into cheerleading almost more than she wants to sink her teeth into them.

Taking her under their wing and keeping her past a secret, the cheerleaders enroll Chase in school, knowing her prodigious talents are just what their squad needs, even if her appetite isn’t. But old habits die hard—Chase’s journey through normal teenage life quickly leaves a trail of blood and bodies, and the local police chief begins to pursue her with a ravenous thirst.

With local law enforcement closing in and her own gruesome nature working against her, is there any way Chase can keep her cheer dream alive? Or will she lose her new friends—and her life—just as she gets her first taste of high school?


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