Caleb’s Chance (Resolution Book 4)

Written by Amy Durham

What a cliche, to fall in love with your brother’s best friend…

Growing up in a small Kentucky town, bright spots in Brenna Malone’s childhood are rare. With her mother dealing with crippling depression and a completely disinterested father, Brenna and her brother, Hunter, fend for themselves, with the help of Hunter’s best friend, Caleb. Over the years, Brenna and Caleb’s feelings for each other blossom from friendship to more, something they both deny out of respect for Hunter. When tragedy takes Hunter from them forever, their only choice is to cling to each other. But as Brenna learned at an early age, the good times rarely last, and her father is capable of turning even the most beautiful things into heartache.

Walking away from the one you love is the hardest thing you’ll ever do…

Six years ago, Caleb Hanson walked away from Brenna Malone, knowing it was the right thing to do, but leaving his heart firmly in her hands. And while his life has moved on, with a career as a successful tattoo artist at Resolution Ink and a solid group of friends who are more like family, he’s never overcome his soul-deep loneliness. Intensely private, he’s shared the whole truth about Brenna with no one… until the day she shows up without warning at Resolution, and he’s given the chance to rediscover the girl he’s loved since he was a boy.

Love is always a risk… but for Brenna and Caleb the rewards could change their lives… if they’re willing to take the chance.


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