Brookshire Mansion

Written by Ms. Paula Miller Lane
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

The year is 1941…There are a lot of strange things going on at Brookshire Mansion in Houston, Texas….things that fourteen year old Giddy Samples dares not talk about to anyone except her best friend, Carolyn, and the one special entity who watches over her. But things get stranger and more difficult, just as she is beginning to grow up and fight for her rightful happiness. It seems the whole world is against her. As a result, life is a never ending battle of good against evil. As much as she wishes to change that, she hopelessly falls victim to her enemies, when all she ever really wants is to be loved and accepted. It is really not that great being rich, as she discovers in her continuous struggle just to exist. Will she be able to overcome her tremendous misfortunes, or will she sink ever lower into her dark and sad existence? Only the spirits know.


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