Brilliant Boys: Jody and Michel: An Evocative Gay Romance

Written by Kevin Armstrong

From Kevin Armstrong author of the Gay Sex Odyssey series comes this erotic gay romance extolling the joys of making up after breaking up, glory holes, anal sex and playing on your boyfriend’s organ with all the aplomb of a concert pianist.
Jody has recently graduated from Balmain High School and he works at Burger King as well as being a part time cadet journalist. His dad reckons that his “gayness” is just a passing fad. Jody imagines that his dad sneakily dons an invisible “tolerance” mask in the bathroom every morning just as a murderer or a terrorist might don a fright mask.
Through his work as a budding journalist Jody meets a drop-dead gorgeous boy called Michel who has recently arrived from Belgium. The boy writes the most exquisite poetry and he tells Jody that he is very proud of his cut c***. This puzzles Jody somewhat because in his so-far limited experience all the Euro boys he has encountered have been intact. Our intrepid journo becomes even more perplexed when the boy poet admits to wanking his c*** so obsessively he might require hospital treatment. Although Michel is keen to watch Jody giving virtuosic performances on his own member he is very reluctant to reveal all to his new friend. Jody wonders how he will ever be able to become Michel’s boyfriend or lover if he is denied access to his c***.
One of the things I liked about Josie was that she didn’t mince her words. I rattled on about Michel and his poetry and thinking back to our conversation I recall her looking at me across the candle light rather archly. She probably thought I was becoming obsessive. But that didn’t stop me…
“You should see him Josie. He’s really cute with this shaggy blonde hair…”
“Well, Euro boys”… she said rather dreamily.
“He told me his c*** is cut but I haven’t managed to get a look –“
Oh my God! What the fuck? I’d completely forgotten I was talking to a GIRL.
“Aw, Jeeze, I’m sorry Josie, I didn’t think –“
“Don’t worry about it Jody” she laughed. “I feel complimented – as if I’m being treated as one of the boys.”

Kevin Armstrong works in film and television production in Asia and the Land Down Under. When he is not travelling he loves to spend time with his Burmese boy.

Brilliant Boys: Jody and Michel will be of interest to mature gay men, gay boys just starting out, bi-guys and even “straight” men and women.
Although it is Book 1 in a series it may be read as a stand-alone story.
Approximately 18,400 words.
The story contains passages of gay sexual descriptions. It is not for the faint-hearted. It does not contain any characters involved in sexual relations beneath the age of 18.


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