Boy and the Very Lonely Pony

Written by Junia Wonders
Category: · Children’s Books

Suitable for readers aged 3 and up.

“A bedridden boy is feeling lonely – and so is a white pony fenced in a pasture. But when the two of them take an adventure together, their loneliness melts away! A gorgeously illustrated story that warms the heart.” -BookBub

A boy sees a white pony for the very first time. The pony looks magnificent but is very lonely. When nighttime arrives, the boy pays the pony a visit but there’s one little hiccup…

A boy and a lonely pony find friendship and comfort in each other. The boy is not feeling well, so he has to stay in bed the whole day. The pony is fenced alone in a field of pasture. They become friends and take an adventure together and their loneliness melts away.

The story is subtle yet beautiful. It is a heartwarming story about friendship and is exquisitely drawn and painted in watercolor.

It’s the perfect bedtime story for your little one.

Boy and the Very Lonely Pony is:
Recommended for children between 3 and 8 years.
• A tender and heartwarming tale about friendship.
• A subtle and sweet little story perfect for winding down just before bedtime.
Beautifully illustrated with soothing nighttime hues, which complement the gentle tone of the story.
Calming and restful: The perfect book to read at bedtime to send your little one to dreamland.


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