Border Worlds (United Star Systems Book 1)

Written by J. Malcolm Patrick
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Ships are disappearing on the frontier . . .
Two powerful human enclaves have dispatched their battle fleets . . .
One captain and one ship is the only hope to prevent a war to end all wars.

The Baridian Empire and the United Star Systems have been at peace for 70 years. But when starships suddenly begin disappearing on both sides of their shared spatial border and diplomacy fails, neither enclave backs down and another devastating war seems inevitable.

Commander Aaron Rayne of the United Fleet is eager to prove himself, but there are those within the Fleet who question his suitability to command. A fateful encounter near the Border Worlds draws him into a conflict where he will have to make a choice: stay true to his ideals or question everything he’s known his entire life.

Time is running out

As both battle fleets converge on the frontier, Commander Rayne takes command of a prototype starship, and leads a desperate mission to discover the truth behind the missing ships. His new ally is shady and they are hunted by unknown operatives at every turn. Far from home and cut off from the support of the United Fleet, Aaron’s only hope might lie with his sworn enemy: Quintus Scipio… Lord Commander of the Imperial Baridian Navy.

If he fails, a war could destroy everything humanity has built on the frontier.

If you love an epic story with adventure, intrigue, great characters, and ripping space battles, then you won’t be disappointed by this novel.

A space opera, action adventure novel told through the eyes of a captain and his crew. Journey through this fast-paced novel as it explores the ideals of loyalty, honor and sacrifice. It is a unique bond, that kinship, which is formed in the face of adversity.

United Star Systems Series:


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