Books for kids: Princess Nancie (beginner books for kids 2-4)

Written by Leela Hope

Princess Nancie decides to make a rule banning rules. Nancie doesn’t want to comb her hair, wear fancy clothes, or doing boring royal things. Nancie just wants to play and have fun. Soon after she bans rules, Princess Nancie notices that her kingdom is not running so smoothly. The roads are all jammed, her servants have all gone home, and there are people everywhere!
Princess Nancie realizes that people need rules and that even she has to follow the rules sometimes. So the princess reverses her rule and puts all the rules back in place, with a few minor adjustments.
Solution Benefits:
Children learn the value of following the rules.
They also learn that being in charge is not all it is cracked up to be.
This is a great book for talking to kids about discipline in your house.
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