Bloodridge (Spies Lie Book 1)

Written by DS Kane
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

The first book in the technothriller spy series, Spies Lie, perfect for fans who love Robert Ludlum, Lee Child, and Barry Eisler.

To find justice for those he loved, a man finds himself at the center of a dangerous global conspiracy…

When Jon Sommers finds out his fiancĂ© Lisa Gabriel died in a terrorist bomb attack, he is visited by spymaster, Yigdal Ben-Levy, who throws Jon’s life into chaos, when he tells him that Lisa was not a fellow graduate student but a Mossad spy sent to bring him to Israel. Ben-Levy convinces Jon to seek justice for Lisa’s murder by joining Mossad and going after Tariq Houmaz, her killer.

Shortly after training, Jon’s entire new team is executed by the bomb maker, who murdered Lisa, and only Jon escapes the massacre. As he leaves the scene, Jon finds himself captured, threatened and turned into a double agent for MI-6. When his Mossad handler, Ben-Levy learns this, he wants Jon dead as an example to other Israeli coverts.

If being a hunted double agent isn’t enough, Jon comes across information in his spying for MI-6 that suggests Israel is in impending danger from Houmaz. To stop this catastrophe, Jon must put together his own team, one he can trust with his life. Can Jon bring justice to Lisa’s murderer, or will millions of lives be lost?

“This is a sizzler torn straight from tomorrow’s headlines. Bloodridge by D.S. Kane is one you won’t want to miss.”–John Reinhard Dizon, author of Nightcrawler and Wolf Man

What a wild ride! Filled with adventure and suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat. There wasn’t a slow moment in it. Reminiscent of Ludlum and Follett.” -Sharon Law Tucker, Author of How to Be a BadAss, A Survival Guide For Women


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