Blood Cure (Keira Blackwater Series Book 1)

Written by K. R. Willis

Keira Blackwater is human. She owns a classic car shop, hangs out with her two best friends, and goes clubbing on Friday nights. Her life is pretty typical for a twenty-two year old living in a world where supernaturals live out in the open.

Except for one thing: her blood, which alone has the ability to cure the virus that created the supernaturals hundreds of years ago, and make them human again. Keira has accepted what it can do, and aside from her phobia of sharp, pointy needles, doesn’t think about it too often.

When Keira’s blood goes missing from the local hospital, supernaturals start turning up dead with a strange anomaly, and Keira is blamed. Suddenly hunted by both vampires and werewolves, she has to fight to prove her innocence and track down whoever is responsible.

But doing so, she must come to terms with the staggering truth about her birthright, all while trying to protect the people she loves the most. Will she be able to prove her innocence before time runs out… or will she lose everything?


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