Black Man in the CIA

Written by Leutrell M. Osborne Sr.

A young man grows up in Washington D.C. seeking adventure and burning with desire to achieve great things. He finds the keys to making his dreams come true are with the Central Intelligence Agency. With his wife and life partner Rose he strikes out on his journey that is remarkable, dangerous as well as fulfilling.

This is his story.

He tells it in his own words; through the prism of his unique life experiences, the Black Man in the CIA.

He worked for the CIA, one of the 17 Departments and Agencies of the National Intelligence Community, in particular, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the Cold War years. Leutrell M. Osborne Sr. (Mike) tells his story to document the former Spy Manager’s history while providing insights for others to understand his rise to becoming a spy manager in the CIA supervising agents and assets in over 30 countries. In addition to that he was the only spy manager who also gained six years of experience in Information Assurance (IA).

Edited by Gary Revel
Book Design by Gary Revel
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