Black Magic (Black Records Book 1)

Written by Mark Feenstra
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

A missing amulet, a sultry succubus, duplicitous vampires — Alex’s first real job may be her last.

Using her magic to help others is the only way Alex Black knows how to stay out of trouble herself. After years of living on the street and trying to come to terms with the growing ability she had to teach herself to control, she’s happy to have settled into the relatively quiet life of finding lost pets, crafting the odd charm, and helping people deal with annoying fae creatures and spirits.

But when Alex is asked to investigate the gruesome murder of an artifact dealer who’d lost his life trying to protect his latest acquisition, she’s thrown headlong into a world of paranormal violence threatening to cut her career short at every turn. Desperation forces her to turn to the local vampire crime lord for help, but has she only put herself at risk of losing everything she cares about?

The closer Alex gets to tracking down the killer, the more dangerous the trail becomes — and the more she discovers what terrible things will happen if the true potential of the artifact is ever unleashed.

Black Magic is the thrilling first book in the Black Records series.

This book contains adult language and scenes. Reader discretion is advised.


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