BLACK (Clashing Colors Book 1)

Written by Elin Peer

Can a soldier who gives and takes orders for a living help a rebel who lives to break all the rules and answer to no one?
Twenty-one-year-old Black is a homeless “Goth-rebel” who has broken laws to survive ever since she ran away from home seven years ago. When she is arrested for shoplifting, she’s forced to reach out to the father who never wanted anything to do with her. This time isn’t any different.

Gabriel is a decorated war hero who just returned from duty in Afghanistan. At a party he overhears a harsh phone conversation and learns that a young girl is in need of help. Since her father is refusing to help her back on her feet, he steps up to do the job.

But what happens when Black is forced to go into drug rehab with an unorthodox therapist whose methods are bat-shit crazy and require him to come along? How far is he willing to go to help her and can someone as cynical as her learn to trust anyone but herself?

Black is the first book in Elin Peer’s Clashing Colors series. Elin Peer offers a new fresh style and a unique talent for developing characters that you will come to love. If you like fast-paced stories with quirky flawed characters, and you don’t mind an emotional roller coaster, then this contemporary romance is for you.

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