Black Beauty

Written by Constance Burris

Fans of the breakout hit GET OUT will love this horror with shades of urban fantasy from New York Times best-selling Author Constance Burris.

At Vista Apartment Complex, life drastically changes for four of its residents when they decide to do business with Crazy Jade–the supposed voodoo witch that can grant your wish for a price.

Praise for Black Beauty

“A great blend of urban fantasy and horror” – Kayti Nika Raet, Author of Niko

“Want a curse? Get too close to Crazy Jade and see if you don’t wind up with a head full of snakes or a face full of cockroaches!”- Rook

“I felt like I was in the middle of a hip modern re-telling of The Monkey’s Paw. Right amount of creep and suspense.” – Amazon Reviewer

Be careful what you wish for.
You just might get it.

Shemeya wants the confidence to stand up against the girls bullying her at school, but she soon has to choose between keeping her dreadlocs or living a normal life.

After catching her boyfriend cheating, Latreece just wants to have the same curves as all the other girls.

Ashley will do whatever she can to have “White Girl Flow”, but takes her pursuit too far when she steals from Crazy Jade.

Everyone who comes into contact with Crazy Jade soon learns the true price of her magic–and how horribly wrong it can go.

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