Biographies: The Hillary And Bill Clinton True Story: The Most Controversial Couple in American Politics (Biographies, memoir, american, world stories, … famous people, memoirs of famous people)

Written by Edward Hambidge

Biographies: The Hillary And Bill Clinton True Story. The Most Controversial Couple in American Politics

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You’re about to discover the story of Bill and Hillary Clinton. From the early days to the present find out the history behind one of the most talked about couples in history.
They have been the subject of scandals and they have caused real change in the world. Whatever criticism you level at the Clintons, being boring isn’t one of them.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Early Years
  • The Road to the Presidency
  • The Clinton Era
  • After the Storm
  • Clinton Vs. Trump
  • Much, much

Here Is A Preview of what you will discover

…The Clintons departed the White House in 2001 not only broke but facing enormous debt due to amassing legal fees that were reported to be anywhere between three and ten million dollars. Hillary is reported to have said that they struggled to come up with the resources to fund a mortgage or send daughter Chelsea to college.
However, former presidents and first ladies have the ability to make money following their years in office and the Clintons were no exception. It is rumored that Bill alone made over eighteen million by 2002 simply from speaking fees. They both published successful autobiography’s that topped the bestsellers lists and by 2004 their legal fees had been paid off and the Clintons were back in the black.
While Bill took to the role of elder statesman with relish what of Hillary? She was elected Senator for New York in 2000 and took up office in 2001. She served on the Senate Committee for Budgets and remained on the committee for a year.
Active roles on committees that dealt with environment and public works, health, education and labor kept Mrs. Clinton busy for the next eight years. Adopting the name Hillary Rodham Clinton, she carved a career pathway from the shadow of her husband and grew accustomed to public speaking and becoming a voice that would be heard.
Post 9/11 she worked diligently to raise funds that would enable the World Trade Center to be redeveloped. She continued to take a passionate stance regarding Ground Zero and in 2003 she emerged as a passionate and raw character who raged at the Bush administration for lying to people over air quality. This was a complete change from the polished persona that seemed to reign in emotions and instead she was seen as a woman who could be the leader of the free world in the future…..

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By Johnsonon December 18, 2017:
“This story truly fascinating, inspiring because in it I have discovered the early years, the roads of presidency and much more about this story.”
ByBlaine Martinon December 14, 2017:
“Not just a biography but more over a critical explanation of this rising and fall and how they end up in a situation we are all now. “
ByCarley Hon December 1, 2017
“A really insightful piece with some lesser known facts, interesting points and good ideas. Not too long, but contains so much information.”


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