Bingo You’re Dead (Murder Is My Game Book 1)

Written by Lou Fletcher
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

In Goose Down, Ohio, murder is as rare as an empty bingo hall on a Saturday night. So when Alice Duns, lead kazooist for the Goose Down Senior Citizens Center is found dead in Joe Thom’s hot tub, that’s news. That she had a bingo ball in her mouth, was naked and was strangled with her own 40 DD sized bra—that’s BIG news.
The small community of Goose Down, Ohio is stunned. Joe is the obvious suspect but he has flown the coop. The killer could be someone hoping to sabotage the Honkers chances of winning the upcoming Midwest Kazoo Competition, speculates Tippi Mulgrew, Alice’s friend and fellow senior center member. After all, she tells Hank Klaber, the prize is an all-expense trip to Cherokee, North Carolina—twenty-four hours of free bingo included.
The headaches for Sheriff Grange and his small department of law enforcement are just beginning as investigations are put on hold when a record-breaking blizzard cripples the town; roads are shut down, power and phone lines, and even cell service is interrupted.
At the senior center, finding themselves trapped by the storm, Tippi, Hank, and a cast of wacky characters decide to party their way through their confinement; there’s plenty of food, a generator, a woodpile big enough to keep them warm for a week and a musical montage provided by kazoos and Perry, The One Man Band.
But a trail of suspicious accidents—and more bingo balls—lead Tippi and Hank to uncover a scheme that could lead to Alice’s killer. Cut off from the outside world, these resilient septuagenarians are in for the fight of their lives proving that age is no barrier to love—or murder.
Bingo day will never be the same.


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