Beyond The Veil

Written by Ronald Bagliere

“A wonderful combination of adventure and romance.” – Deborah A. Panebianco, Amazon review

Anthropologist Claire El-Badawy has spent the last ten years of her life applying for grants for an Amazon jungle expedition. She wants to prove her theory of the Trans-Atlantic connection between Africa and South America that existed five thousand years ago.

Things change dramatically when a lost bushman is found deep in the rainforest. Re-energized and armed with the startling find, she finally wins the support of the university.

Owen Macleod’s life has been one long trek after another, guiding tourists and aiding the indigenous people of the forest against the mining companies. Owen has nobody left in his life except for the people along the river – and his tramping partner, Manny.

When Owen hears of the opportunity to break free of the tourist trade, he jumps at it. Soon, the headstrong anthropologist and the wanderlust jungle guide are thrown together in pursuit of their own dreams.

But neither of them are prepared for what they will find hidden beyond the veiled depths of the Amazon.

“A spellbinding read.” – R. Dunbar, Amazon review
“Interesting, educational, exciting.” – Amazon customer


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