Beyond Satisfaction: The Secret to Crafting a Profitable Online Course That Will Change Lives

Written by Breanne Dyck
Category: · Business & Money

Every day, inboxes the world ‘round are inundated with emails from authors, marketers, podcasters and bloggers all talking about one thing: online courses.

Email after email from every corner of the online world, extolling the virtues of getting into the online teaching game, exclaiming that online courses are the perfect solution for scaling and growing a business.

As the tidal wave of online courses gains speed and volume, simply having a course that satisfies customers is no longer good enough. If your business is to grow and thrive, you need to create transformational learning experiences that delight customers.

That’s where Beyond Satisfaction comes in.

In Beyond Satisfaction, you’ll discover the underlying principles of transformative learning. With extensive case studies and action steps, you’ll be able to easily apply the principles to your own courses and programs.

No longer will you have to wonder what it takes to create the transformational online course, workshop or program you’ve been dreaming of. With Beyond Satisfaction, you get a playbook for creating a course that truly gets results.

If you—or your customers—are getting jaded about the online course marketplace, this book is for you. If you’re just getting started with online training and want to create something remarkable, this is for you. If you want to maximize your impact and make a dent in the world, this book is for you.

It’s time to go Beyond Satisfaction.


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