Beware the Rich Man (Rich Man | Poor Man | Beggar Man | Thief Book 1)

Written by Laura Landon
Category: · Mystery & Suspense · Romance

A self-made man set on revenge, and a beautiful heiress—stunned by the magnetism that neither wants to acknowledge—attempt to bridge the gulf between tradesman and nobility. Without ruining each other.

Wealthy importer Blake Edison will stop at nothing to destroy the Duke of Somerset—the man who should have saved Edison’s mother from starving in the streets and didn’t. But can he fulfill his diabolical mission without losing Willow? That is, without losing Lady Willow Gilchrist, the gifted beauty whose father is forcing her to become the Duke’s daughter-in-law?

This story of desire in both mind and heart is set against the backdrop of a dynamic new clothing industry in Victorian England. Lady Willow Gilchrist is prepared to endure the upturned noses of the ton in order to pursue her passion for designing fashions for the explosive new business the handsomely intrepid Blake Edison has launched. She would willingly lose her place in Society if only she could take her place at his side.

But will he let her?


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