Better Be U: Entrepreneur Crash Course: 7 Powerful Lessons to Survive and Thrive.

Written by Shaun Gold
Category: · Business & Money

Welcome to Better Be U, where there are no entrance requirements, no concerns regarding class size or campus. Better Be U is a preparatory school for life. A university of hard knocks where the school colors are black and blue. A place that you can obtain a Master’s Degree in verve and nerve. A crash course study of seven powerful lessons as a catalyst and stimulus to action, learning how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, setbacks into comebacks and how to go from burnout to breakout. Better Be U is not a curriculum of study you have to go outside to attend. It is a course of study that demands that you go inside, to be a better you, discovering the strength and talent you have to be the person you truly want to be. Need to be, in whatever field you choose.


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