Best CookBook: 250 simple recipes for beginners

Written by Sara Cappelletti

Best cookbook teaches home chefs everything they need to know to master the art of convection cooking. With over 75 recipes, resources for all types of convection ovens, and menu-planning tips, this convection oven cookbook is your best reference for cooking with convection.

For anyone on the move, working long hours, and trying to eat a bit more healthfully, Best CookBook offers 131 satisfying recipes with straightforward instructions, using as few pots and pans as possible, and ingredients that won’t break the bank. Not to mention, you can find the ingredients at your everyday grocery store 

Destined to be an everyday kitchen essential, filled with splattered and dog-eared pages, BestCookBook is a call for simple ingredients, food that makes us feel good, quick prep, and even quicker cleanup, so we all can enjoy what’s most important at the end of a long day: getting back to the couch.

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