Benny James Mystery Series Box Set (Private Investigator)

Written by Jason Deas
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Welcome to Tilley, Georgia

Ex-FBI agent Benny James tries to disappear and retire on a houseboat in this sleepy lake town, but the local police won’t let him spend his days basking in the sun. Murder comes to town and they need his help.

Introducing Benny James

He’s cool, calm, and you guessed it – collected. The FBI calls it fired but Benny would rather use the term retired when talking about his former career. He was the best of the best and even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he’d like a shot at redemption.

Meet Red

Red was raised deep in the Ozark Mountains by deaf-mute parents away from the world. He’s a young guy who talks like a drunk four-year-old and will steal your heart and have you laughing out loud with his view of the world. Red was only supposed to stick around for the first book, but I had so many emails from people who fell in love with his character that he hangs around for all three.  

Amazon Readers Love Benny James

With over 500 five star reviews of the series, readers love Benny, Red, and the rest of the quirky cast of characters. Since its original release, Birdsongs has been revised and all the books have been professionally edited and reformatted for an optimal reading experience. I hope you will enjoy the Benny James Mystery Series and have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

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Book 1: Birdsongs

Fired FBI agent Benny James is pulled out of retirement to hunt a serial killer. At each scene the killer leaves dead birds and other odd clues. The strange occurrences press Benny to his max as he tracks down a killer and seeks redemption.

Book 2: Pushed

Benny James is whisked into action by TV evangelist, Reverend Jim, who heads a mega church in Mississippi and has a major problem. Reverend Jim’s son, Brother Jim, has taken his battle against sin to the extreme. Attractive young women are being “baptized” by being pushed from bridges.

Book 3: Brushed Away

When a bloody painting is found hanging on a café wall, Benny James finds a string of bizarre art pieces, which lead to discarded bodies. As the list of suspects grows, a couple of artists living in a broken down plantation house piques his interest. One of the artists has the odd habit of taking on the personalities of others. The other has a secret she is desperately trying to hide.


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