Bedtime story for children: The Little Snail: (Children’s Book, Picture Books, Baby Books, Preschool Books, Kids Books, Ages 2-6)

Written by Irina Stukova
Category: · Children’s Books

This wonderful children’s book is about the little naive Snail that left her house lightly and how many difficulties she had to overcome to return home… The little Snail is worried about that she can’t fly like a Butterfly, a Dragonfly, or a Ladybird and can’t run fast like a Centipede or even like an Ant. She’s sad that she’s so slow. So she left her house and went to travel….
This beginner reader’s eBook for your children ages 2‐ 6
The story is great for quick bedtime reading and to be read aloud with friends and family.

• Excellent for beginning readers
• Great for reading aloud with friends and family
• Cute short story, great for a quick bedtime story
• Hand‐drawn watercolor & pen drawings

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