BEDTIME STORIES for Dreamers & Optimists

Written by Sophie Carmen
Category: · Children’s Books

This bedtime story collection features three charming picture books in one: When I Imagine, Brightley & Glow, and Bella’s Very Wonderful Day. Perfect for little dreamers and optimists!

“When I Imagine”: Andie is a little girl with big dreams. The well-meaning adults in her life sometimes try to explain to Andie why her dreams may not be possible. That’s no problem for Andie, who makes them come true anyway – with her imagination!

“Brightley & Glow”: Brightley and Glow are two star brothers who are best friends. One night, Brightley learns that he will need to leave his little brother Glow in order to fulfill his destiny of becoming a shooting star. Will the brothers have to say goodbye?

“Bella’s Very Wonderful Day”: Poor Bella – everything seems to be going wrong for her today. Or does it? With a change of perspective, Bella comes to realize that every cloud has a silver lining…and maybe today is a wonderful day after all!


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