Bedtime Stories: A Wingless Angel (Baby Books, Book for kids, Children’s Books, Pictures Book, Values, Preschool, For age 2-8, Fairy Tale)

Written by Alex Egorov

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This book A Wingless Angel is a touching tale of a small angel kid, who was born without wings. There are good lessons we can derive from the story. We learn that even if an angel does not have wings, the angel can still do not only good but also great things helping others. The book teaches kids that you do not need to born as an Angel to make something good for people, animals, and nature. This image of an angel with no wings is symbolic of the idea that we do not need to conform to stereotypes for someone to be good. You do not need special wings or anything else to be a nice person. A lot of lessons can be imparted and learned. Young readers and listeners will benefit from this book. I highly recommend parents, teachers, and guardians to buy this book and share the important message in this nicely written children’s story to the young ones. The next step is to read this story about the Wingless Angel to as many children as possible. Alternatively, young readers can also read this story themselves and learn about good values. To do all these things, you need this book.

Here is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Do good things for everyone
  • A fascinating story for our young generation
  • No need to accept stereotypes to be good
  • A lot of lessons can be imported and learned
  • And much, much more!



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