Becoming a Conscious Business: Expand Your Life & Work Through The Science Of Energy Flow

Written by Samuel P. Chin
Category: · Business & Money

Becoming A Conscious Business describes a journey of personal introspection and enlightenment which led the author to a new paradigm for business: process science. Process science is the study of the universal truths of energy flow and human consciousness, and the application of this knowledge to life and business.

The unconventional but simple framework for process optimization outlined in this book will revolutionize the way you live and work. The discipline of process science sits at the intersection of science and spirituality. Be warned: to fully appreciate the concepts explored in this work, you will need to let go of any preconceived notions you currently may have about the fundamental nature of business.

In Becoming A Conscious Business, Samuel P. Chin powerfully recounts experiences and revelations from his own life that led him to discover the universal patterns of evolution and value creation. These patterns can be further defined in terms of the energy flowing through three related subsets of our universe: nature, humans, and business. In doing so, Chin explores the concepts of doing versus changing, and the importance of each in facilitating the most efficient processes for life and business. When you finish this book, the author’s expressed wish is that you’ll be “finding your flow, feeling the love, and building new process.”


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