BEAR MARKET TRADING STRATEGY: Simple strategies to make money also in a negative market. Learn how to use indicators, fundamentals and applications for profiting and win

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Are you ready to learn how to negotiate a bear market ?
No analogy with bull markets…
If you try to shorten a bear market you will lose everything !

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Looking at how the markets really worked in these bear markets, rather than theorising how they should work, it’s right to offer a guidance, in the financial field, to make better results.

You’re shown how to:

  • How to spot a bear market on the horizon

  • How to trade a bear market using futures

  • Implement strategies geared toward personal business interests

  • Learn what types of investments to hold as the economy changes

  • Calculate the best times to buy and sell stock

  • Ways to know that a bear market is almost over

  • And many, many more

Bear Market Trading Strategy provides the necessary tools for investors to construct a portfolio that will allow them to protect and grow their money under the most severe bear market conditions through technical analysis and models of numerous variable – It utilizes concrete rules to profit from a behavioral perspective.

Are you finally ready to profit in the markets?

This book offers practical and approachable strategies that every investor needs today !

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★★★ Buy the Paperback version and get the Kindle Book versions for FREE ★★★


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