Bathroom Design Ideas: Get the Perfect Bathroom Makeover with Remodeling, Renovation and Decoration

Written by Debra Morrison
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Bathroom Design Ideas for the Perfect Bathroom Makeover

This book on Bathroom design Ideas will help you achieve the perfect Bathroom Makeover through remodeling, renovation and decoration. You will learn the difference between these three words that people use and interchange the meanings, and these are: remodeling, renovation and decoration. This book is suitable for those who want to go down the path of DIY and it’s also pretty useful for those who are hiring contractors for the job.

The chapters are dedicated to remodeling, renovation and decoration. Not only are you bombarded with tips, tricks and ideas in giving your bathroom a makeover, you are also given a quick tutorial on the important facets of a bathroom makeover that homeowners commonly commit mistake.

By giving you a quick tutorial about this, I can assure you that you will not commit these common mistakes that homeowners who went on a bathroom remodeling or renovation did. By simply buying this book, you have saved hundreds of dollars from these common mistakes.

Another important feature of this Bathroom Makeover book is that it has been written by a person who has tons of experience when it comes to bathroom remodeling, renovation and decoration. Therefore you are sure to reap a lot of benefits from my extensive experience on bathroom makeovers.

Further, the book is formatted in such a way that the first steps of a remodeling, renovation, or decoration is tackled first followed by succeeding steps. Important parts of the bathroom makeovers are highlighted with tips and tricks to help you in deciding which types of materials, designs and colors are perfect for your needs and wants.

To make everything easy for you, here is a quick list of what you will learn within this bathroom makeover book:

  • Get to know two important steps in a bathroom remodeling that people usually tend to overlook
  • Learn how to choose bathroom flooring that will stand the test of moisture, molds and mildew. The latest and trendy bathroom flooring without breaking your budget. Plus the different and perfect flooring material that would suit your budget best.
  • Some great and trendy bathroom makeover ideas and even bathroom ideas for kids, guest bathroom, powder room and for the master’s bathroom
  • And a whole lot more!


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