Australian Memories: Discover Aussie Land and the Mysterious Red Center (Travels and Adventures of Ndeye Labadens Book 1)

Written by Ndeye Labadens
Category: · Arts & Photography

Take a journey through Australia. From arrival to departure, the experiences provided within the pages of this book are rich and full of the beauty and excitement that surrounded the trip.

In Sydney, there were tons of restaurants and a lot of time was spent in those establishments due to jet lag. However, the Botanical Gardens were beautiful, abundant in plant life as well as colorful birds. Though there are lots of ways to get around, the Circular Quay was the best option during this trip. Usually, it was bustling with people, but in the evening. Cafes and shops are abundant, but one of the most memorable occasions was a concert right out in the street.

Alice Springs was exceptional. Though it is advertised as having a red center, it was green with the abundant vegetation at first sight. Experiencing a thunderstorm in the driest part of the desert is something quite amazing. In the evening, Uluru, a sacred area, was a beautiful red- a truly magnificent sight to behold!- And finally offered the advertised coloring.

Kakadu Park was gorgeous in Aborigine history and culture. Though the time of the year made for dangerous crocodile conditions and many shops closed, it was worth the cultural experience. The river was refreshing, though the wildlife was a bit intense.

Tasmania is a place that isn’t easily forgotten. The cities located in Tasmania were remarkable. The boating trip that was taken was memorable, despite a couple of bad experiences. The road trip had its downfalls, especially when the 4-wheel drive vehicle broke down.

Between the multitude of birds that could be watched from various lookouts and gardens, whales, alligators and other small reptiles, dolphins, and other sea creatures, the wildlife is extraordinary!

Melbourne was spectacular to visit. The wildlife was amazing from sea creatures to feathered friends, to mammals like the kangaroo and wombats.


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